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10 reasons why you should buy a Kindle

  • Convenience. The biggest reason I love the Kindle is simply because of how convenient it is to use
  • Battery.
  • Save Physical Space.
  • Reduce Eye Strain.
  • Perfect Travel Companion.
  • Read In the Dark.
  • Kindle Books are Usually Cheaper.
  • Improve your Vocabulary.

What is a Kindle with Special Offers and why it is not suitable in South Africa

To put it simply, Special Offers is a form of advertising.  If you agree to view them, you get a discount on the product. The discounts are applicable to purchases on Amazon in the USA and have very limited benefit to users outside the USA   The ads show up when your device is in sleep mode on the screensaver and some users might find this intrusive.

Clash of the Kindles: which one should you buy?





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