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Reading provides an escape from our lives into other experiences and stories, and eReading puts even more of these experiences at our fingertips. So, thank you for taking this journey with us. We can’t wait to help re-ignite your love of reading and help you open up too.

The Kobo book Store in South Africa is priced in Rands and offers thousands of books that are very well priced.

Kobo Supports many formats so books can also be bought from just about anywhere 14 file formats supported natively (EPUB, EPUB3, PDF, MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ, CBR)

Kobo Featured Products

Kobo Forma

Kobo Forma is Kobo’s most comfortable eReader yet
Discover a radical new look for Kobo eReaders With an ergonomic curved design, and lightweight enough to hold for hours, Kobo Forma is perfect for binge-reading. Push the limits of your reading experience Page-turn buttons help you move through your story. Read in portrait or landscape mode, or set the text to change orientation automatically. Embrace lightweight durability Cutting-edge Mobius display technology allows the 8.0” HD Carta E Ink screen to feel lighter than air. Dive into a story absolutely anywhere Kobo Forma is fully waterproof from the inside out with HZO Protection™ and safe for the beach, the pool, or a soak in the tub.*

*Meets requirements of IPX8 rating. Waterproof for up to 60 minutes in up to 2 metres of water.

Enlighten your reading with ComfortLight PRO Kobo Forma’s adjustable front-light gradually reduces blue-light exposure that keeps you alert throughout the day, so you can read before bed, and get right to sleep. Stay in sync no matter where you read Extend your reading experience on your own device with the free Kobo App. We’ll always remember where you left off, so you’ll never lose your place.

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Kobo Aura H20 South Africa

Kobo Aura H20 2nd Edition

The New Kobo Aura H20. Experience reading in a whole new light.
Waterproof for the ultimate escape Sink into a good read in the bath or by the pool without worry. Your Kobo Aura H2O has HZO Protection™, which makes it waterproof from the inside out.* *Meets requirements of IPX8 rating. Waterproof for up to 60 minutes in up to 2 metres of water.

Read it and sleep with ComfortLight PRO Easy-to-use ComfortLight PRO reduces blue-light exposure throughout the day, so you can read even longer without it affecting your sleep —even if you’re more of a night owl. It’s never been easier to get lost in a story The 6.8" HD Carta E Ink screen delivers a superior print-quality reading experience. The lightweight design is comfortable to hold for hours of reading.
Open up to endless reading possibilities Instantly access over 5 million eBooks in our store. With 8GB of storage space, your Kobo Aura H2O can carry twice as many eBooks as other eReaders. Customize the way you read with the TypeGenius feature and choose from over 50 font sizes and 11 font types.

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Kobo Clara

Kobo Clara HD is your perfect reading companion
Light up your reading life with ComfortLight PRO Kobo Clara HD shines with the best light to read by, whether you’re a daytime reader or a night owl. As day progresses into night, the light gradually softens, so you can read before bed without affecting your sleep.

A crystal clear, high-resolution screen With its superior, high-definition 6” screen, Kobo Clara HD helps you see clearly, offering a natural, print-like reading experience. Supersized space for your entire library Kobo Clara HD always has room for your next read, with 8GB of on-board memory. Easily carry up to 6,000 eBooks wherever you go.

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